​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Assisting Kuwaitis in the USA:

This page outlines the consular services and assistance that are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There will be circumstances in which our ability to provide consular support may be limited. These circumstances are outlined on this page.

Our values:

We are committed to providing efficient and cost effective support to Kuwaitis overseas.

Who we can assist:

  • All Kuwaitis.
  • All prospective business or tourism visitors to Kuwait.

Our ability to assist may be limited if you are a dual national in your country of other nationality and the government of that country doesn’t recognize dual nationality.

We aim to:

  • Deal with your enquiry courteously, promptly and efficiently.
  • Explain clearly what assistance we can give and when you should approach others for advice and assistance.
  • Advise you if there is a charge for a service we provide or refer you to.
  • Protect any personal information you give us in accordance with Kuwait’s privacy laws.
  • Take any feedback on our performance seriously and deal with it promptly.

We ask that you:

  • Take personal responsibility for your travel choices, your safety, finances and behavior overseas, including obeying the laws of the USA.
  • Take out appropriate travel and medical insurance that covers you for any unexpected costs.
  • Protect your passport and report it promptly if it is lost or stolen.
  • Treat consular staff with respect and be honest in providing us with all relevant information when seeking our assistance.
  • Give us feedback to help us to improve our services.

Basic precautions:

  • Familiarize yourself with the US laws and regulations (Immigration, Federal, & State Laws).
  • Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance, ensuring it will cover all the activities you are planning and covering any pre-existing conditions and current medical treatments (if you do not have insurance, you should expect to pay potentially very expensive costs associated with emergency treatment and medical evacuation).
  • Make sure you have sought medical advice for health concerns, have up to date vaccinations and, if you’re carrying pharmaceutical products or medicines, make sure they are allowed into the country.
  • Make sure your passport is valid (with at least six months validity from your planned date of return to Kuwait) and will not expire when you are overseas.
  • Leave a copy of your passport, insurance policy details and your overseas itinerary with family or friends.
  • Organize your finances to cover your planned travel.

What help we may provide:

Each case is unique and our assistance will depend on the circumstances and availability of consular resources. We may be able to:

  • Issue replacement passports and travel documents.
  • Issue Power of Attorney for Kuwaiti citizens.
  • Provide details of local doctors and hospitals in a medical emergency
  • If you are the victim of a serious assault or other crime, provide appropriate help, including details of local lawyers and details of interpreters.
  • If you are arrested, contact you to check on your welfare, provide details of local lawyers and details of interpreters if required and do what we can to see you are treated fairly under the laws of the country.
  • Provide advice and support in a wide range of other cases including the death of relatives overseas, missing persons and kidnappings.
  • If you agree, we will contact friends or family on your behalf. In some circumstances we may contact your friends or family where we have been unable to get your consent
    make special arrangements in cases of international terrorism, civil disturbances and natural disasters.

What we cannot do:

There are a range of tasks which are outside the consular role or which we do not provide for policy reasons. These include:

  • Guarantee your safety and security in another country or make your travel arrangements.
  • Give you legal advice, interpret or translate documents, though we may provide details of local lawyers and translators.
  • Intervene in US court proceedings or legal matters including employment disputes, commercial disputes, criminal cases and family law matters or child custody disputes.
  • Carry out searches for missing people, which is the responsibility of local authorities.
  • Investigate crimes or deaths overseas, which is the responsibility of local authorities.
  • Get you out of prison or prevent you from being deported.
  • Get you better treatment in prison than local prisoners, although we may raise welfare concerns with local authorities.
  • Pay for medical or psychiatric services or medications.
  • Arrange visas, licences, work or residency permits for other countries.
  • Intervene in immigration, customs or quarantine matters in other countries, or
    store lost property.

Our assistance may be limited in some circumstances:

You do not have a legal right to consular assistance and you should not assume that assistance will be provided. We may limit the assistance we extend to you if we consider the circumstances warrant, for example, where your actions were illegal, or you have deliberately or repeatedly acted recklessly or negligently and put yourself or others at risk, or you have a pattern of behavior that has required multiple instances of consular assistance previously.